New Toy ‘The Womanizer’ Comes with Ableist Disclaimer

My Womanizer arrived today from Liberator. I immediately set about charging it, got distracted by other things, and didn’t go through all the packaging. It would have been better if I had.

This is no longer a review about how the Womanizer works. There are already plenty of those out there. This is about the lovely wording of the legal disclaimer included in the manual.

The folks at epi24 GmbH (the makers of the Womanizer), such as CEO Michael Lenke and Manager Brigitte Lenke, endorse ableism with this not-so-legal disclaimer. As a disabled person, I find the idea that I can’t use a sex toy without supervision to be absolutely appalling.

Perhaps there’s some difficulty in the translation from the original German? Nope. It’s not included in the German section of the user manual, nor in the French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Swiss, or Portuguese sections. It’s only in the English section aimed for a British audience. I’ve found no information that says such wording must be included with sex toys in the UK; does anyone else know otherwise?

I’m royally pissed off that epi24 would distribute a product with such a disclaimer in its user manual. I’m also greatly disappointed that a company such as Liberator, long known for creating sexual adaptation props that many disabled people have utilized and enjoyed, would carry such an item.

The Womanizer receives two gimpy thumbs down from me.