I am available for consultation and assistance with the following:

Advocate and Navigator for Bureaucracy (USA only)

  • Collegiate appeals
    • Grades, registration status, and dismissal.
      • Gathering the needed documentation and filling out appeal forms.
      • Writing statements about your appeal.
  • Health care providers
    • Patient advocacy.
      • Coaching and guidance. Moral and emotional support. Grounding.
      • Creating a guide of your medical history for your providers.
        • Includes current medications, allergies, past surgeries.
        • Easy to edit and print yourself, or I can print and mail you a copy as needed.
      • Co-attending your appointments (within 1 hour’s drive of Washington, DC) as your advocate.
        • Developing lists/goals for each appointment.
        • Taking notes during your appointments.
    • Medical records.
      • Obtaining all of your medical records.
      • Coordinating transfer of medical records.
  • Health insurance
    • Plans.
      • Researching plans available to you and and assist you with signing up.
      • Deciding if supplemental insurance would be beneficial.
    • Claims.
      • Appealing claims that have been denied.
      • Filling out and submitting paperwork for reimbursement.
    • Patient advocacy.
      • Navigating your benefits.
      • Ensuring you are able to access all the benefits in your plan.
  • IRS filing and appeals
    • Gathering and organizing your financial records.
    • Filing your taxes and IRS appeals.
  • Prescription assistance programs
    • Researching prescription medication cost assistance available to you and assist you with signing up.
  • Social Security
    • Supplemental Security Income.
      • Applying.
      • Appeals and retaining a lawyer.
      • Obtaining the required documentation.
    • Social Security Disability Income.
      • Applying.
      • Appeals and retaining a lawyer.
      • Obtaining the required documentation.
  • Social services (government, non-profit, private, etc.)
    • Housing, job training, food assistance, energy assistance, rent and down payment assistance, furniture, clothing, etc.
      • Finding services available to you.
      • Filling out application paperwork and obtaining the required documentation.
  • Small business
    • Applications and paperwork.
      • Choosing business entity type.
      • Incorporating.
      • Acquiring tax IDs and other requirements.
      • Trademarking.
      • DBA.
  • Vocational rehabilitation
    • Filling out application paperwork and obtaining the required documentation.
    • Advocacy for services (if not in DC area, coaching and guidance for self-advocacy).
    • Researching your local VR program’s service partnerships so that you can make the most of your VR experience.

Electronic Organization (Personal, Business, Non-profit)

  • Recommendations for digital organization.
  • Instruction on various organizational software.
  • Creation of digital management systems.

Event & Venue Accessibility & Inclusion

  • Evaluation of existing events and venues.
  • Recommendations for improvements.
  • Consultant for planning upcoming events.
  • Consultant for seeking accessible venues.

Financial Organization (Personal)

  • Assessing your finances over periods of time up to five years.
  • Creating budgets that can be adhered to.
  • Creating plans for saving.
  • Cutting expenses in a variety of ways.

Life Coaching & Organization

  • Advanced health care directives.
  • Choosing private life insurance, accident insurance, and short term disability insurance.
  • Creating In Case of Emergency (ICE) documents.
  • Creating Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP).
  • Digital estate planning.
  • Naming a Power of Attorney (POA).
  • Outlining your desires for your will (you will still need to consult with an attorney).

Sex, Sexuality, & Relationship Advice and Coaching

  • Regarding disability, chronic illness, chronic pain, mental health, etc.
  • Toy, utensil, and other prop recommendations.
  • Adaptations for sexual activity.
  • Referrals to appropriate service providers (sexologists, coaches, educators, etc.).

Technical Assistance & Consultation

  • Website suggestions for accessibility.
  • Website work such as updates and fixes.
  • Website instruction for WordPress and HTML/CSS.
  • Social media streamlining and instruction for streamlined management.

Rates are sliding scale. As payment I accept cash, direct deposit into my ABLE account, store credit, and gift cards. I am also willing to barter for other services. Please contact me for details and inquiries.