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  • Disability and Kink; Crip Time and Spoon Theory; Navigating Multiple Services While Multiply Disabled. (Widener University. March of 2017.)
  • Chronic Pain, Disability, Sex, and Kink. (Widener University. March of 2016.)


  • Disability and Sex for Providers. (Widener University. March of 2017.)
  • Educating Future Doctors About the Realities of Disability. (Georgetown University School of Medicine. November of 2016.)
  • Sex and Disability for Medical Students. (George Washington University. August of 2015.)
  • Rare Disease Patient Focus Group. (National Institutes of Health. January of 2013.)

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  • Get to Know Crip Culture.
  • Pain Play in Crip Sex.
  • The Radical Possibilities of Pleasure-Pain: Sadomasochism in Context, or Why It’s So Damned Complicated When Pain Feels Good.