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Specifically, I’ll be working on:

  • working as a consultant for my project ask a disabled person;
  • creating and implementing guidelines, checklists, and grading systems for event accessibility;
  • raising hell with DC Metro ADAPT;
  •, which is a resource guide;
  • adding original content to my blog;
  • writing articles and essays for publication;
  • preparing and presenting lectures and workshops on disability and sexuality for conferences and universities.

Who I Am and Why It Matters

Hi there. Those of you who know me know that my name is Cassandra, that I’ve been disabled since adolescent-onset of multiple disabilities.

To make a long story very short, I’ve spent very little of my life being independent due to my medical conditions. Because of being sick, I dropped out of school in 1997 and got my GED in 1998. I’ve lived with my partner for the past ten years, but we are no longer together. It’s time for me to live on my own. I really need help to make it happen, but the financial aspect is an obstacle.

I have essentially not worked since I had labrum repair surgery in my left hip in 2011. Prior to that surgery, every job I have ever held involved me being on my feet or sitting on my ass for my entire shift, as low-skill, low-education jobs are prone to do. My surgeon says that I can no longer work on my feet due to taxing my joints, yet I also cannot work at a job that requires a stationary sitting position (due to pain and tendency to fall asleep). Currently, my doctors say that I am unable to work.

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If I am able to raise the money I need, I will be able to spend more time producing the content that has become my life’s work.

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